Scotmid receive their accreditation

Scotmid receive their accreditation

Tax is one of the biggest issues of our time.

Too often, it makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. We read about scandals and aggressive avoidance which distort our economy. Polls of the public consistently reveal corporation tax to be one of their biggest concerns when it comes to company behaviour.

The Fair Tax Mark exists to help even the playing field.

We know that not all companies are playing the system. There are thousands quietly paying their fair share while others hit the headlines for the opposite. We redress that balance, helping your business to show leadership on responsible tax.

We support and celebrate those businesses doing the right thing, whether you’re a multinational or a stand-alone high street store.

Getting the Fair Tax Mark will mean your business has a clean bill of health on corporation tax. You will:

  • Stand out in your sector and get the edge when bidding for contracts
  • Instil pride in employees and boost customer confidence
  • Reassure investors that you’re managing risk well
  • Win public and media attention for your commitment
  • Become part of a growing UK-wide network of businesses who want to lead on responsible practice
  • Get ahead of the curve of new tax regulations and legislation
  • Become a crucial part of changing our tax landscape for the better

In essence, a business with the Fair Tax Mark is certified as paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time and applying the gold standard of tax transparency.

We make the process of gaining a Mark as smooth and simple as possible for you.

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