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Fair Tax Mark responds to Government consultation on freeports


The UK Government recently announced its intention to create up to 10 ‘freeports’ across the country. These are essentially special economic zones, and characteristically offer looser customs rules with the aim of attracting investment, but are also known to provide resident businesses with a wider set of preferential treatments including tax reliefs. Freeports are an issue we are concerned about due to the likelihood that they will exacerbate tax avoidance and evasion in the UK, encourage a global race to the bottom on corporation tax, create unfair advantages to a select group of businesses, and, attract illicit actors, such as…

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Going internaional

Fair Tax Mark consults on internationalisation proposals


Responding to the needs and demands of civil society, regulators, investors and municipalities around the world, the Fair Tax Mark intends to expand and offer certification across the world – not least to counter the low-bar programmes of unscrupulous accounting and auditing entities. The move follows a number of Fair Tax Mark certification enquiries from businesses around the globe – all with a desire to demonstrate that they pay the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time. Public consultation seeks widespread input on standards To help shape the proposed emerging global standards, the Fair Tax…

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