Bytemark: an internet company that pays its fair share

By April 17, 2015News

PipRustageBytemark_024Matthew Bloch and Peter Taphouse Co-founders of Bytemark

Bytemark is the latest company to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark, proving that its possible to work in the ‘digital economy’ and pay a fair share of tax.

York-based Bytemark Hosting, one of the 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the North, is the first cloud hosting and internet company to achieve the standard.

The award comes after careful scrutiny of Bytemark’s full accounts, and the publication of the company’s tax policy which includes a commitment to not use tax havens to avoid tax.

Matthew Bloch, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bytemark said:

“Bytemark relies on a national power grid, public roads, educated & healthy staff, courts to collect debts and so on. As Bytemark’s Managing Director, my personal belief is that a well-funded and motivated government is the right way to provide these things at the scale we need.

“I’m glad to have driven these commitments from our company – as a result we’ll spend more less time on tax planning and more time on growing our business.”

In order to achieve the Fair Tax Mark, Bytemark has committed itself to three main actions:

  • Bytemark will comply with the intention, not just the letter of tax law.
  • Bytemark will not use off-shore finance structures and “tax havens”.
  • Bytemark will publish full accounts when only abbreviated accounts are required.

To see Bytemark’s commitments and full tax disclosure, download their full annual accounts