Convivio mark Public Service Day by announcing Fair Tax Mark accreditation

Convivio logo

Convivio, a digital strategy team specialising in work for public services, have announced that they are joining a growing list of organisations that have achieved the Fair Tax Mark, putting them alongside AMT Coffee, the Co-op, Richer Sounds, Timpson and SSE.

Public Service Day celebrates the value and virtue of public service to the community, and this year falls within Fair Tax Fortnight, which celebrates those companies which pay the right amount of tax, at the right time, in the right place.

Sam Al-Hamdani, communications manager of the Fair Tax Mark said: “We have long held that it is important for public services to be aware of the tax approach of companies when making procurement decisions. It’s great to see that a company like Convivio is ahead of the curve on their approach to tax, and giving public service providers the opportunity to choose a company which values their contribution.”

“We want companies to be proud of the part they play in society. It is estimated that €600bn of corporate profits are annually shifted to tax havens, with corporate tax revenue losses globally of €200bn per year – which equates to approximately £7bn of missing revenues in the UK.”

Steve Parks, chief executive, Convivio (right), said: “Paying fair taxes isn’t just about being good. True entrepreneurs will realise it is enlightened self-interest. Taxes fund education, health, transport, trade and more. If you don’t pay the money for it now, you pay later when your business is hit by talent shortages, extended sick leave, and so on.”

In becoming a Fair Tax Mark accredited business they further boost the number of Fair Tax opportunities for consumers across the UK, which includes supermarkets, banking, phone and broadband provision, coffee, travel services and pharmacies. You can find these businesses at which enables you to opt for companies paying their fair share.

Parks continued: “Taxation is essentially a massive crowd-funding scheme. We club together to invest in having better education, healthcare, transport and more. I wouldn’t be happy on Kickstarter if other backers only paid part of what they’d pledged. Transparency and fairness are important, and we commit to showing that we have chipped in fairly for our share of tax.”

“Convivio helps government provide better online services to people. We believe our clients should be able to see that we run the company ethically, and pair our taxes fairly. That’s why we support the transparency that the Fair Tax Mark brings.”