Freethought Internet is first Lincoln business to secure Fair Tax Mark

Lincoln-based Freethought Internet has today secured Fair Tax Mark certification and joins the growing movement of responsible businesses who ‘say what they pay with pride’.

Website hosting company Freethought Internet becomes the first company head-quartered in Lincolnshire to achieve the Fair Tax Mark. As part of the accreditation process, Freethought Internet has published their first Fair Tax Mark Statement. This details a new tax policy, which commits them to shun tax avoidance. The Statement also includes a numerical current tax reconciliation and a detailed supporting narrative, which further emphasises their commitment to leading-edge tax transparency.

Freethought was founded in 2003 by the then 16-year old Kieran Jones. The company has a people and planet first approach that shapes every aspect of their business. They offer carbon neutral web-hosting, only use a small pool of suppliers with strong labour and environmental policies and even have strict rules in place for how and where they will market their services.

Achieving the Fair Tax Mark and committing to good and fair tax practices was a natural next step for the company.

Kieran Jones, said: “We are really pleased to have been awarded the Fair Tax Mark. We have always run our business with a focus on being kind to our customers, the environment and to society, and this includes having an uncomplicated and fair approach to tax. We truly believe that when we are successful our community should benefit and we are proud to pay our contribution towards the vital public services that we and our clients rely on every day, from our education system and the NHS, to our road and rail infrastructure, police and fire services.”

Paul Monaghan, Chief Executive, Fair Tax Mark, said: “We are delighted to announce that Freethought Internet has joined the Fair Tax movement, and are proudly saying what they pay. Freethought is the first Lincolnshire head-quartered business to achieve the Fair Tax Mark standard that allows customers, suppliers and staff to clearly see their transparent and responsible approach to tax. It is refreshing to see a digital enterprise fully embracing responsible tax conduct, and we hope more businesses in the region will follow their lead.”