Fresh Eyes goes the extra mile against tax avoidance

Today, Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel CIC became the latest company to secure a Fair Tax Mark and demonstrate their commitment to being positive about the tax that they pay. Fresh Eyes is a not-for profit Community Interest Company which is committed to socially responsible tourism.

Andy Rutherford, Founding Director of Fresh Eyes, said: “Fresh Eyes – People to People Travel is committed to just, fair and responsible travel that is transparent and accountable.

“We believe that for travellers, tour operators, host communities and suppliers, everyone should simply know who pays what and who receives what, throughout the supply chain.  This is an essential foundation to fairer and more sustainable travel.

“We are committed to everyone in the supply chain knowing that we pay our taxes fairly and correctly.  We are proud to be holders of the Fair Tax Mark.  It is an integral part of our commitment to a transparent, fair and accountably managed supply chain, including a clear and visible pricing policy.”

Richard Livings, Project Manager at The Fair Tax Mark, said: “We are currently hearing stories about the use of exotically located tax havens and the damage that tax avoidance does. It is great that the latest business to secure a Fair Tax Mark is committed to providing sustainable travel options which help, rather than exploit, developing countries.”

Further details about what motivated Fresh Eyes to gain the mark can be found here.