The Criteria and Standards assess the information your business provides in order to measure its levels of transparency, quality of tax disclosures and the tax rate paid. 

Currently, we have three Standards available:

We do not yet assess and accredit companies with foreign ownership.

The Fair Tax Criteria and Standards with input from a broad range of stakeholders, including businesses, civil society organisations, tax experts and more. We maintain the rigour and integrity of the Criteria and Standards via consultation with our expert Technical Advisory Group.

The Criteria and Standards cover the core items needed to gain a clean bill of health on corporation tax, including:

  • Basic transparency about company structure and ownership
  • Ensuring full accounts are in the public domain
  • Understanding what tax has been paid and why
  • Looking for a tax policy that commits to good practice
  • For multinationals only, public country-by-country reporting

To discuss gaining a Fair Tax Mark for your business, please get in touch using our Contact Form.

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