Just Launched: the Fair Tax Map

By February 17, 2017News

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Fair Tax Map!

For the first time, you can see what shops and other businesses in your area are Fair Tax Mark accredited.

There are nearly 4,500 shops and offices on the map, and every single one has our certified seal of approval for their corporation tax practices. There’s everything from nurseries to supermarkets, from grocers to coffee companies! Search them now at www.fairtaxmap.com


A positive way to tackle tax avoidance

The public has been shouting loud about corporation tax avoidance for years now and there have been many great campaigns to try to address it. Some of these campaigns have recommended boycotting the baddies, but taking money away is only half the story.

We need to ensure we’re supporting those businesses doing the right thing, and the Fair Tax Mark helps you to identify who they are.

We know the public wants this positive way to tackle tax avoidance: in fact, new polling by ICM has found that 77% of UK adults would rather shop with a company which can prove it pays its fair share of corporation tax. Imagine if all of us decided to support these Fair Tax Mark companies – we’d be creating a powerful movement for a fairer economy.

Take action todayhillier-map

You can take action today to support the Fair Tax Mark.

First, use the map! Find out which companies have the Fair Tax Mark, and then support them! It could be by shopping with them or by choosing them for your own company’s supply chain.

And if you’re keen for more, right-click and save the image below and share it on Twitter with a company you’d like to get the Mark.

ecardFor example:

@Company I’d like to know you’re proud to pay your fair share of tax. Will you get the Fair Tax Mark? www.fairtaxmark.net

If you’d like to do even more, check out our Supporter page for a handy short guide to the Fair Tax Mark, a model letter to companies asking them to get the Mark, and more.