MPs debate Fair Tax Mark

Image: Catherine Bebbington/Parliamentary CopyrightImage: Catherine Bebbington/Parliamentary Copyright

Commons to debate Fair Tax Mark

Less than a month old and the Fair Tax Mark is already attracting a good deal of attention in parliament.

A debate on the Fair Tax Mark is being held in the Westminster Hall at 11am this morning.

Proposed by Caroline Lucas MP, the half-hour adjournment debate will see MPs in the House of Commons discuss the Fair Tax Mark including a response from a government minister.

An adjournment debate is an open-ended debate in which MPs can discuss government policy, constituency issues or subjects of e-petitions, without having to come to a formal decision.

A government minister is always in attendance and must provide a response to the member of parliament who proposed the debate. It is expected that Treasury Minister David Gauke will be present.

The debate follows Ms Lucas’s EDM, which called on the government to welcome the Fair Tax Mark and which has now been signed by 42 MPs from eight political parties.

Coming the day before the budget and the day after Oxfam’s report on inequality in the UK, the debate is likely to add to the pressure on George Osborne to tackle corporate tax avoidance and to welcome initiatives such as the Fair Tax Mark that work towards a solution.
You can watch the debate here.
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