Munnelly Group PLC awarded Fair Tax Mark

By March 19, 2019News
Munnelly Group logo

Munnelly Group logoMunnelly Group PLC have been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, demonstrating their commitment to on time, and in full, transparent tax payment, reporting and disclosure.

The group, which is the parent company to five construction and infrastructure support services brands – Munnelly Support Services, Bishopsgate, City Calling, Guardior Security and MacRail Systems – is active across the UK.

Chris Harrison, Chief Financial Officer of Munnelly Group PLC, said: “UK construction and infrastructure are usually funded either in wholly or partly by central government who spend UK-generated tax revenues. The subject of fair payment of tax is currently a huge issue within the UK, and I am proud to be leading an organisation that is committed to the fair payment of tax.

“The construction and infrastructure support services sector has a historically murky reputation on tax transparency and loss to HM Treasury.  Munnelly Group PLC is one of a small breed of new participants in the space who are collaboratively creating tomorrow’s infrastructure in a new, open and transparent way across the whole of the UK.

“The Fair Tax Mark demonstrates the efforts of our business in relation to tax and transparency of reporting, is a great achievement for the Group in a sector where the majority of operators are not accredited.

“This accreditation shows the firm and tangible commitment of Munnelly Group PLC to ethical and sustainable practices within our organisation, the customers we serve and the sectors in which we operate.”