NATS lands Fair Tax Mark accreditation

NATS, formally National Air Traffic Services, has secured its first Fair Tax Mark accreditation, and joins the global movement of businesses committed to responsible tax conduct.

NATS often handles over 2.5 million flights and 250 million passengers each year

The leading provider of air traffic control services in the UK, NATS often handles over 2.5 million flights and 250 million passengers each year. Operating beyond the UK, the business also offers services to airports, airlines, air traffic service providers and governments across parts of Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

As part of the accreditation process, NATS has progressed public Country-by-Country Reporting, publishing a wide range of data between each major jurisdiction the Group is operating within.

The Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme is the global gold standard of responsible tax conduct. Accredited businesses include listed companies, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses.

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications and Movement Building, Fair Tax Foundation, said: 

“With the Fair Tax Mark, NATS can demonstrate it follows both the spirit and the letter of the law. Their certification means that clients, employees and other stakeholders can see they have a responsible approach to tax.”

Interested in attaining the Fair Tax Mark for your business? Discover our seven magnificent reasons to become accredited and join the movement.


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