Fair Tax Mark Annual Assessment and Licence Fees

Annual Turnover £ (Assessment + Licence Fee) £ +VAT
less than 250k 250
250k – 1m 500
1m – 6m 1000 (500 + 500)
6m – 25m 2000 (1000 + 1000)
25m and above 4000 – 12000

For larger businesses, we take into account the nature of the business and its relative complexity when finalising prices.


For businesses under £1m turnover, the fee is paid in one instalment.

For businesses with a turnover above £1m, there is a multi-stage payment process. We split the fees between:
a) an initial assessment,
b) guidance to fulfill the remaining requirements,
c) the license to use the Mark for a period of one year.

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