Revolver World becomes 20th Fair Tax Mark accredited business

Fair Tax coffee mug

Fair Tax coffee mug

Revolver World, the cooperative coffee retailer and manufacturer, announces today that it has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark. It is the first food manufacturing retailer to win the Mark, which was launched in February 2014. Revolver World’s commitment means the Fair Tax Mark has now reached the milestone of 20 accredited businesses.

Emily Kenway from the Fair Tax Mark said: “We’re delighted to have worked with Revolver World to award them the Fair Tax Mark. They are now leaders in the retail sector and we’re thrilled they’ve added responsible tax practices to their impressive roster of ethical business behaviour. Winning the Mark means Revolver World has committed to not using tax havens or tax avoidance schemes and to be way ahead of the pack on tax transparency. We hope their leadership will encourage many more businesses to follow.”

The news takes the Fair Tax Mark into a new sector, food and beverage manufacturing, and means caffeine-loving consumers can opt for fair tax products from now on.

See Revolver World’s website here, and if you’re a business keen to join them, get in touch here.