Scotmid Co-operative gains the Fair Tax Mark

Scotmid Co-operative celebrates its Fair Tax Mark
Scotmid Co-operative celebrates its Fair Tax Mark

Scotmid Co-operative celebrates its Fair Tax Mark

We are proud to announce that Scotmid Co-operative has gained the Fair Tax Mark.

Scotmid’s success takes the number of Fair Tax retailers to nearly 4,450, spread across the UK and serving all consumer sectors. They join other retailers including Lush Cosmetics and the Co-operative Group.

Edinburgh-based Scotmid Co-operative is Scotland’s largest independent co-operative and has been at the heart of Scottish communities since 1859. Scotmid operates over 350 retail outlets across Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of England. Customers concerned about tax avoidance can shop with confidence at any of the Scotmid businesses, which includes food convenience stores, Post Offices, Semichem health and beauty; and Funerals.

Emily Kenway, Programme Director at the Fair Tax Mark, said: “In the aftermath of the Panama Papers, there has never been a better moment for companies to respond to the growing public demand for responsible corporate tax behaviour. We are delighted that Scotmid are showing leadership on this issue which has consistently polled highest in surveys of consumer concern. We congratulate their team on their dedication to responsible tax practices, including transparent reporting and paying the right amount of tax, in the right place, at the right time. With nearly 4,450 Fair Tax Mark retailers across the UK, consumers can finally support responsible tax at the check-out.”

Harry Cairney, President of Scotmid Co-operative, said: “As one of the UKs leading Co-operatives we continually strive to be open, honest and transparent in everything we do. Achieving the Fair Tax Mark is a clear indication that we practice what we preach. As President of the Society, I am proud of the team behind this achievement which will give further confidence to our members, customers, suppliers and staff in the way that we do business.”

The full press release can be found here.