Sharenergy powers a path to Fair Tax Mark accreditation

Sharenergy has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, joining the global movement of businesses committed to financial transparency and responsible tax conduct.

Founded in 2011, Sharenergy is a not for profit cooperative working with communities to help them find, develop and own renewable energy installations. It has been involved in over 100 community energy projects across the United Kingdom.

Sharenergy offers a range of services, from feasibility assessments to setting up societies, share offers and ongoing operational support. Setting up some of the UK’s first solar and heat co-ops, they also run the nationwide Big Solar Co-op project.

Fair Tax Mark accreditation is the global gold standard of responsible tax conduct. It recognises businesses that pay the right amount of corporation tax at the right time and in the right place. Accredited businesses include listed PLCs, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses.

Some one hundred parent companies and 250 distinct trading businesses are currently Fair Tax Mark accredited, who between them employ over 250,000 and contribute more than £1bn in corporation tax annually.

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications, Fair Tax Foundation, said:

“We love that Sharenergy empowers local groups to generate their own solar, wind and hydroelectric power. A co-operative supports the communities it works with, and tax contributions helps to deliver valuable public services we all rely on, like education, healthcare, roads, policing, flood defence and more. It’s great to see that Sharenergy recognises the importance of responsible tax conduct and financial transparency.

Joining the Fair Tax Mark movement, Sharenergy stands with other community energy pioneers like Energy4All and Westmill Wind and Solar, as well as renewables-focused multinationals like SSE, Ørsted and Vattenfall.”


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