Staffline Group proud to be first AIM listed company to achieve the Fair Tax Mark

By May 26, 2015Blogs

Andy HogarthWe’re delighted to announce that recruitment agency, Staffline Group plc is the latest company to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark. It is the first amongst the AIM group of listed businesses on the London Stock Exchange to achieve accreditation. Company CEO, Andy Hogarth, talks to us about their Fair Tax Mark.

Why did you apply for the Fair Tax Mark?

“For many years, the Board of Staffline have publically declared their belief that as a UK company, we should be paying the “right” amount of tax, which precludes the use of travel and subsistence schemes that many in the recruitment industry advocate,” said Hogarth.

“The Fair Tax Mark, as an independent, industry-accepted accreditation, is public confirmation that Staffline do what they say. We wholeheartedly agree with the principles of the Fair Tax Mark and as such we believe it is the right thing to throw our support behind the Mark.”

What message does this send out?

“Firstly, it will add further evidence to our customers that Staffline is a Group built on values and principles, of doing the ‘right thing, every time’.

“Secondly, as the first AIM-listed company to achieve the Mark, we hope that this encourages other listed companies to comply with the additional tax transparency requirements of the Mark and help to improve the overall reputation of large corporates in relation to paying fair tax.”

How did you find the accreditation process?

“As a Group that pays a significant amount of employee taxes, we were confident that our processes and records were robust and appropriate; the Fair Tax Mark helped us to formalise our processes as part of an overall tax strategy that provides clearer focus to those involved. The review process was clearly defined and we were impressed with how quickly the whole process was concluded.

We are proud of being the first AIM company to achieve the accreditation and hope that it raises the profile of the Mark, encouraging other listed companies to follow our lead.”

See Staffline Group’s fair tax policy and documentation here.

Are you a business looking to stand up for a fair economy and stand out from the crowd? Contact us to find out how you can get a Fair Tax Mark today.