“The Fair Tax Mark is an initiative we are right behind… We think it is a step in the right direction for assessing the quality and transparency of a business’ publicly available information of their tax activities.”

Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales

“We judged that consumers are unlikely to ever be entirely reassured by the claims that companies make themselves. They want an independent third party to provide this reassurance. That is why SSE sought to work with the Fair Tax Mark. The Fair Tax mark accreditation has certainly helped us raise our standards and provided the credible third part accreditation we were looking for. We hope others will join us and, through it, rebuild public trust on the tax companies pay.”

Martin McEwen, Head of Group Tax, SSE plc

Margaret Hodge MP

“I think this is a fantastic idea. The reaction to the revelations about the tax practices of big names like Starbucks, Amazon and Google shows that this is an issue the public really cares about. Given the choice, many people would prefer to give their custom to a responsible business that does the right thing and pays its fair share of tax. The Fair Tax Mark helps give them the power to make that choice, and seeing customers vote with their feet is perhaps the most effective deterrent there is to companies engaging in tax avoidance or other irresponsible practices.”

Margaret Hodge, MP

“If I were an independent coffee shop, or independent bookshop, with no skeletons in my closet, I would be looking to pay my fee… and to jump through the hoops and get my FTM as fast as possible. I would then put it prominently in my window and press release it to my local newspaper.”

Mike Truman, Editor, Taxation Magazine

Ed Mayo, Co-operatives UK

“The Fair Tax Mark can change lives here in the UK. All it takes is for consumers, people who are taxpayers themselves, to back the companies that pay what they owe.”

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK

“Too often, tax makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But taxes are vital to sustain quality public services. The public are increasingly aware of companies’ tax arrangements and the Fair Tax Mark helps consumers identify which businesses support fair taxation.”

Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee