Unicorn Grocery wins the Fair Tax Mark

The Fair Tax Mark is thrilled to announce that Unicorn Grocery has been awarded the Mark. Unicorn is Manchester’s best-loved co-operative grocer, supplying wholefoods at affordable prices and prioritising organic and fair trade ranges.


Unicorn Grocery joins other Fair Tax retailers including Revolver World, Lush Cosmetics and a number of other co-operatives to give consumers real opportunities to support fair tax at the check-out.

Emily Kenway, Director of the Fair Tax Mark, said:
“Unicorn Grocery is exactly the kind of business we love to work with. As a co-operative with a focus on wholesome yet affordable foods, they embody business with a conscience. And this approach has served them well: their business is thriving, shown by their numerous other awards including being the Soil Association’s Best Independent Retailer 2016. We hope their leadership will encourage other retailers to follow, helping them get ahead of the competition on the high street.”


Read more about why Unicorn Grocery chose to get the Mark here, and if you run a business, join Unicorn Grocery today and become part of the Fair Tax business community. Download our brochure or email info@fairtaxmark.net today.