Why get the
Fair Tax Mark?

Responsible tax conduct is one of the biggest issues of our time

The growth of tax havens and unethical corporate tax conduct have become prominent concerns across the world. Aggressive tax avoidance negatively distorts national economies and undermines the ability of business to compete fairly, both domestically and internationally.

Recent research has found that close to 40% of multinational profits (some US$970bn) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a US$250bn reduction in corporate tax revenue.

It is no longer enough for a business to claim that their tax conduct is acceptable as long as they are not breaking the letter of the law.

Fair Tax Mark accreditation is the gold standard of responsible tax conduct

It helps your business demonstrate it pays the right amount of corporate income tax at the right time and in the right place – following both the spirit and the letter of the law.

Sought by listed PLCs, global multinationals, co-operatives, social enterprises and more, the Fair Tax Mark shows stakeholders that your tax conduct has been independently assessed and rated by a trusted social enterprise.

Our Global Multinational Business Standard satisfies the key reporting recommendations of GRI 207, the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct. Accreditation will also go a long way to demonstrate alignment to the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and associated Minimum Safeguards, which flag ‘taxation’ as a material consideration.

Seven magnificent reasons to pursue Fair Tax Mark accreditation:

1) ‘Tax’ has come in from the cold and is now a hot topic in the boardroom
2) For an “ESG” strategy to be credible, it must now explicitly tackle ‘tax conduct’
3) Responsible tax conduct resonates really well with customers and employees
4) In a low trust world, stakeholders value independent third-party verification
5) Investors will be assured that you are managing tax-related risks well
6) You will be well placed to get ahead of the curve of new legislation
7) You will join a growing network of pioneers that are shaping a fairer and more productive future

See our detailed briefing to discover the compelling business case for responsible tax conduct and accreditation

“We are delighted to become the first company outside the UK to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark using the new Global Standard.”

“We’re proud to achieved the accreditation for another year and continue to champion the Fair Tax Mark and its principles.”

“The buyers and suppliers using our platform and our partners can be confident that the ethical governance and relationships come first for us.”

“This forms a part of our wide ESG strategy, which puts community engagement and transparency at the heart of what we do.”

Become Fair Tax Mark Accredited

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