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On why they applied

We at Winder Power firmly believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the society in which we operate. Paying the appropriate amount of tax is core to this; and we are determined to abide by both the spirit and letter of the UK’s tax regulations.

We are committed to paying all of our taxes and we believe that this Fair Tax Mark is one of the clearest indications we can give of our commitment to our responsibility as participants in society.

On the benefits to the business

Being involved in and contributing to local communities is a fundamental part of being a successful business, and for a company like Winder Power, that has operated in Leeds for over 100 years, employing over 100 people, we believe that paying our taxes in this way is one of the clearest indications we can give of our role and commitment as responsible participants in society.

The accreditation is a great source of help to consumers who wish to identify organisations that pay their share of corporation tax and report on tax transparency. Winder Power has a strong track record as a trustworthy and safe service provider in the transformer industry, following its accreditation as Living Wage employer in 2014 and the awarding of a RoSPA Silver award for its superior health and safety standards in 2015. We at Winder hope that this latest accreditation with the Fair Tax Mark will further demonstrate our honesty, transparency and responsibility towards tax obligations.

On the process

The process was straightforward and open. The Fair Tax team gave us an overview of the process, reviewed our procedures and accounts, and assisted us in refining our reporting to be more consistent.