Fair Tax companies celebrate their leadership

We’re proud to support companies which are leading on fair tax – and in the past week, our companies have been celebrating too.

In its proposals for the next UK government, our FTSE 100 certified company SSE has called on the government to embed fair tax at its heart. They say:

Paying the right tax, in the right way at the right time is a business’ duty to the society it operates in and depends upon.

SSE recommends government encourages more businesses to follow their lead, including by publishing country-by-country reporting data. This information shows exactly where a company is operating, what profit they’re making there and how much tax they’re paying. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure that profits aren’t shifted to low tax areas in order to avoid paying fair dues.

You can read the full SSE briefing here.

And SSE aren’t alone. The Co-operative Group has just launched its new Ethics report, with tax taking a leading role. They say:

We know that a responsible approach to tax is an issue of great concern to the UK public. In 2015 and 2016 we were awarded the Fair Tax Mark. This sets a new standard for responsible tax practice and reporting, and demonstrates how we are open and transparent about our tax affairs.

And they commit to retaining their Fair Tax Mark for the year ahead. Read their full report here.

Meanwhile, our businesses continue to be championed in the national press, with last Friday seeing Winder Power and Helpful Technology both gaining attention in the Daily Mirror’s Real Britain column.

Want to join our growing Fair Tax movement? Click here to find out how to get the Mark.