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Seven magnificent reasons to pursue Fair Tax Mark accreditation

Find out why your business should embrace responsible tax conduct, tax transparency, and pursue the gold standard of Fair Tax Mark accreditation. Filled with supporting evidence and references, read what businesses say about their Fair Tax Mark.

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Why we focus on corporation tax


We’re often asked why we focus on corporation tax, given business pays many other taxes. This paper, packed with facts and figures, explains why corporation tax is so important, and why we place it at the centre of our work and our Fair Tax Mark accreditation standards.

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Public Country-by-Country Reporting, why and what

Read the latest updates on the advancement of tax transparency across the globe, and how pCbCR significantly enhances the ability of stakeholders across the world to form an informed opinion as to whether a business is paying the right amount of tax, in the right place and at the right time.

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Identifying tax havens: characteristics and 2023 tax haven listing

Across the globe, 35% of multinational profits (US$1tn) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a 10% worldwide reduction in corporate income tax revenue (a US$170bn annual deficit). Discover what makes a tax haven, and which jurisdictions are on our list.

KPI resources page

KPIs of responsible corporate tax conduct – and their green and red flags

How can asset managers and institutional investors sieve the enormous pending data release and separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to multinational’s tax conduct? Here we present five KPIs to consider.

Standards and guidance notes

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Global Multinational Business Standard

No matter where in the world your multinational enterprise is based, our Global Multinational Business Standard allows us to accredit your business with the Fair Tax Mark. The criteria against which we assess global multinationals focuses on five key areas: beneficial ownership, governance, tax policy, financial and tax reporting, and cash taxes paid.

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Global Multinational Business Standard – Spanish language edition

A medida que Fair Tax Mark continúa expandiéndose internacionalmente, nos complace anunciar que nuestra Norma Global para Empresas Multinacionales ahora está disponible también en español.

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Solely UK-based Business Standard

Our Solely UK-based Business Standard is used to assess your business for the Fair Tax Mark if your turnover is higher than £1m. Learn more about our criteria, and how we look at transparency, tax rate, tax avoidance and tax disclosure.

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UK Small Business Standard

If your UK business has a turnover of £1m or lower, you’re still able to join the global Fair Tax Mark accredited business community. This standard sets out what we measure, and why, when assessing your UK small business.

Model tax notes

Model tax policy

Every business has a tax policy (sometimes referred to as a tax strategy), even if it has never been explicitly recorded. This model tax policy features template text, examples and considerations for businesses writing one.

Model tax policy

Model tax notes

Explaining how your organisation could present both a current tax and total tax reconciliation, this paper uses real examples of presenting this data in the most transparent way.

Reports and campaign updates

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UK should lead on multinational tax transparency

We’re calling on the UK government to introduce public Country-by-Country Reporting for large multinational corporations and compel them to disclose precise details of income, profit and tax contributions in the UK and globally.

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Fair Tax Nation: UK public attitudes to corporate tax conduct

Bringing together and analysing seven years of UK public polling, Fair Tax Nation shows ‘tax justice’ is consistently a top concern when it comes to corporate conduct.

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The Silicon Six and their $100bn tax gap

Our forensic analysis of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft highlights the huge difference between cash taxes paid, the headline rate of tax and, more significantly, the reported current tax provisions.

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UK economic crime and transparency reform

The UK has bee a global hub for illicit financial flows for decades. We’re working with our friends in the tax justice and anti-corruption movements to press for change in a number of areas.

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UK public procurement reform

With the combined value of UK public procurement contracts standing at £300bn per annum, there is a huge opportunity for taxpayer spend to finally embed tax justice. Read the latest, and find out about our Big Fair Tax Ask.

Other initiatives

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Fair Tax Councils

Councillors across the UK work hard to serve their local communities and help direct the delivery of essential public services. By signing up to the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration, councils can demonstrate alignment to their values and encourage responsible tax practice. Read more about the initiative, and see which councils are on board.

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Fair Tax Week

Fair Tax Week is a recognition of the businesses and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct, and a celebration of the positive contribution this makes to society. Find out more and discover our highlights of Fair Tax Week 2023.

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