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Our mission is to see business everywhere make a fair tax contribution – be they big or small – and to recognise and celebrate the responsible corporations leading the way.

The Fair Tax Foundation began in the UK in 2014, and initially had a focus on the UK. But in 2021 we internationalised and are now advocating for businesses all over the world to pay the right tax, in the right place, at the right time. Businesses have now been Fair Tax Mark accredited in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland, as well as the UK. In total, some 250 distinct trading businesses are now accredited, who between them employ over 275,000 and contribute more than US$2bn in corporation tax annually.

Change is possible

We believe that the more businesses that stand up for responsible tax conduct, the more likely legislators are to create better laws, and regulators are more likely to implement those laws robustly.

Since the founding of the Fair Tax Foundation:

– The UK has seen corporate tax receipts more than double over the last decade to c. £80bn*, largely through a broadening of the tax base and the closure of numerous loopholes. The increase in the headline rate of corporate income tax from 19 to 25% from April 2023 will push payments up further still.

– Our Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme was the first in the world to require businesses to publicly break down income, profit and tax in each country they operate (country-by-country reporting). From 2024, this will be a mandatory requirement for all large multinationals operating in the European Union (albeit with some rather large loopholes).

– Countries across the world are coming on board to the idea of a global minimum tax for business, which will spell the end of many 0% tax havens, with plans already well advanced across the EU, the UK, Japan and South Korea.

– A small, but increasing number of investors are waking up to the fact that companies’ ‘tax conduct’ should guide their investments, with the likes of Nest – the UK’s auto enrolment pension scheme – even advocating for investees to pursue Fair Tax Mark certification.

Responsible businesses are proud to pay their fair share of tax and care about what they receive in return. Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses are showing what is possible, leading the way and helping end the global race to the bottom on tax.

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*Source: Office for National Statistics. Years 2013/14 to 2022/23.

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