**Fair Tax Week 2023 has now come to a close, but you can watch the webinar videos below. Thank you to all the businesses, organisations and UK councils that celebrated it. Read what happened during the Week.**


Fair Tax Week is a recognition of the businesses and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct, and a celebration of the positive contribution this makes to society.

Tax is often presented as a burden, but it shouldn’t be. Not when considered against the huge array of public services it helps fund. From education, health and social care, to flood defence, roads, policing and defence. Corporation Tax  also plays a crucial role in holding the whole tax system together, helping to counter financial inequalities and rebalance distorted economies.

Fair Tax Week 2023 (8th – 18th June) will see businesses step forward and say what they pay with pride, and Councils declare their support for the economic contribution this makes locally.

The Week will explore the hot topics of the day – be that beneficial ownership disclosure or the need for public procurement reform. We’ll ask what is (and is not) a ‘tax haven’, and how investors could better factor tax into their ESG frameworks.

Please join us and help make Fair Tax Week 2023 the biggest and best yet.

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Seven magnificent reasons to pursue Fair Tax Mark accreditation

There are a thousand and one issues out there that business is being asked to champion – on top of the day-to-day challenge of thriving commercially in an ever more competitive world. Approaches and acronyms abound, be it ESG or CSR or SRI or SDGs, with each urging that a business prioritise their favoured issues.

So, why should a business prioritise responsible tax conduct and tax transparency, and pursue Fair Tax Mark accreditation?

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Vital loopholes remain in the UK’s fight against dirty money

The terrible Russian invasion of Ukraine laid bare the extent of the UK’s exposure to illicit finance, prompting concerted counter efforts by parliamentarians. This week, a welcome second Economic Crime Bill edges closer to being finalised, but substantial loopholes are in danger of being left unaddressed unless amendments – backed by leading anti-corruption and tax justice groups – are accepted.

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Tax transparency slowly grinding forward across the globe

The advance of tax transparency was never going to be quick and smooth. But it is slowly but surely grinding forward, with increasing legal requirements emerging across many parts of the globe. At the Fair Tax Foundation, we believe that comprehensively implemented public Country-by-Country Reporting (pCbCR) significantly enhances the ability of stakeholders across the world to form an informed opinion as to whether a business is paying the right amount of tax, in the right place and at the right time.

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