Fair Tax Week 2024 dates announced

We’re pleased to share that Fair Tax Week 2024 will take place from 9th – 16th June, incorporating Tax Justice Sunday on 9th June.

The awareness week will recognise and celebrate the progressive businesses and organisations committed to responsible tax conduct and financial transparency. Through social media and online activity, Fair Tax Week will highlight corporation tax as a critical revenue source for public services and applaud the positive impact of businesses contributing fairly.

While Fair Tax Week 2024 will see businesses step forward and say what they pay with pride, UK councils will also declare their support for the economic contribution this makes locally.

The week will also serve as a platform for others to share their thoughts, and an opportunity to explore the latest data on UK public attitudes to corporate tax conduct.

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications and Movement Building, Fair Tax Foundation, said: 

“Fair Tax Week 2024 is all about celebrating the brilliant businesses that show they’re committed to responsible tax practices. The power and significance of corporation tax contributions becomes evident when you consider the diverse range of public services it helps fund, including education, health, social care, flood defence, roads, and policing. Recognising and honouring businesses committed to paying their fair share of tax is crucial.”

“2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for corporate taxation, with major new regulations and reforms on the horizon that will lead to a surge in tax transparency. Alongside this new era of ‘say what you pay’ will come increasing focus on the tax contributions of larger multinationals, with the introduction of the global minimum tax. Many businesses already take pride in the positive social and economic impact of their tax contributions, and Fair Tax Week is the perfect platform to acknowledge and celebrate these efforts.”

Sarah Edwards, Executive Director, JustMoney Movement, said:

“We’re delighted that Tax Justice Sunday is part of Fair Tax Week again this year. Tax enables us to organise our collective life together at local, national and global levels, addressing challenges that we cannot deal with as individuals. Tax Justice Sunday gives us an opportunity to reflect on something we might sometimes see as a burden, and to create a different response – to shift the narrative, so that we might see tax as a blessing: a tool to create a more just world.”

For more information about Fair Tax Week, including partner opportunities, please contact Graham Drummond on graham@fairtaxmark.net.


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