Tax revolution continues with first Scottish accountancy to win the Mark


Crunchers Edinburgh has become the first accounting service in Scotland to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark. It is also the second accountancy practice to win the Mark, signalling a change in the sector on responsible tax practices.

It follows hot on the heels of September’s announcement that Crunchers South London had become the first accountancy practice in the UK to be certified. Both practices are part of the Crunchers UK franchise but are independently run.

It joins FTSE listed companies such as SSE Plc and Go-Ahead Group, in addition to shoppers’ favourites Lush Cosmetics and The Co-op Group, in a growing list of companies taking a stand against aggressive tax avoidance.

It comes as Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a crack-down on accountants who are failing the tax system. In October, she statedIf you’re a tax-dodger, we’re coming after you. If you’re an accountant, a financial adviser or a middleman who helps people to avoid what they owe to society, we’re coming after you too.”

edinEmily Kenway, Director of the Fair Tax Mark, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Crunchers Edinburgh to the Fair Tax Mark. As the first accountancy practice in Scotland, they are showing real leadership on this crucial corporate responsibility issue. It’s a bold step and we firmly believe its clients will be proud to work with such an upstanding practice.

Winning the Mark means Crunchers South London has committed to not abusing tax havens or tax avoidance schemes and to apply the gold standard on tax transparency. We hope its leadership will encourage many more Scottish businesses to follow.”

Hamish Sheppard, Crunchers Edinburgh’s Director, explains why he decided to seek the Fair Tax Mark:

“We’re proud to be the first Fair Tax accredited accountancy firm in Scotland. We believe smart businesses recognise the importance of paying their fair share of tax, instead of engaging in dubious tax planning arrangements to avoid their obligations. Tax is a vital investment in our society and that’s why we wanted to stand up and say we’re leading on responsible tax.

We hope other Scottish businesses will join the scheme with us, showing this country understand the importance of investing in public goods and services through tax. Winning the Mark shows that Crunchers Edinburgh is a truly 21st century accountancy practice: we’re walking the walk on best practice and in doing so, will be better placed to add real value to the businesses we work with, instead of just balancing their books.”

Find out more about Crunchers Edinburgh’s accreditation here.