Five reasons to join us in #CelebratingFair this June, during Fair Tax Week

By Graham Drummond
Head of Communications
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Fair Tax Week 2021 runs from 5-13th June, incorporating Tax Justice Sunday on 6th June, and we’re really not far off now. Here at Fair Tax Foundation HQ we’re super excited, so we’re sharing with you five reasons to join in with the week and help us in #CelebratingFair.

1. Celebrating responsible business has never been more important

Fair Tax Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and recognise the companies and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct and pay their fair share of corporation tax. Given the tough trading conditions many organisations have endured during the covid pandemic, it has never been more important to highlight those businesses doing the right thing. We want to spread that appreciation far and wide, especially in the face of the rampant tax avoidance that some of their competitors are employing.

2. It’s so easy to be part of Fair Tax Week

If you’re a business with Fair Tax Mark certification, or a Council supporting Fair Tax, you’ll be receiving campaign packs soon that make it ever so simple to make the most of the week.

But Fair Tax Week is for everyone, which is why we’ve created free digital packs for individuals and supporting organisations that are packed with ideas on what you can do, social media-friendly graphics and more. Very soon we’ll be announcing a range of online webinars that are running throughout the week, covering a range of topics and featuring brilliant speakers. Follow and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for further details on what’s happening when and how you can register for each digital event!

3. Corporation tax is fantastic!

Corporation Tax is often presented as a burden, but it shouldn’t be. Not when considered against the huge array of public services it helps fund – from education, health and social care, to flood defence, roads, policing and defence.

It also plays a crucial role in holding the whole tax system together. It helps counter financial inequalities and rebalance distorted economies, which is why it’s so important that businesses step forward and say what they pay with pride.

4. It’s about your local area

More and more councils across the UK are standing up for responsible tax conduct. If your city, town or district has already signed up to our Councils for Fair Tax Declaration, Fair Tax Week is a chance to share your local pride.

If they haven’t yet signed on, why not use the week to ask them to get onboard? Our pack for individuals has a template message which you can use to contact your local councillor and get things moving.

5. The timing couldn’t be better

Fair Tax Week takes place as the UK continues to emerge from economic lockdown and the world’s major economies wrestle with what ‘fair tax’ looks like at a global level.

Fortuitously, many of the world’s leaders will be in the UK during Fair Tax Week (at a G7 gathering) and we are urging them to help secure the advancement of tax justice, and allow the following month’s G20 gathering of finance ministers to put pen to paper on real and lasting change. Countries such as the US, Germany and Italy have already signalled that they are supportive of a substantial global minimum tax, to help curtail profit-shifting and tax dodging. We need the UK to do the same.