A great fortnight for the Fair Tax Mark

We’ve had a bumper fortnight of good news, so we thought we’d do a quick round up here!

Find out what we’ve been up to and why we think the Fair Tax Mark movement is growing.

First, we launched the brand new Fair Tax Mark map.

On Friday 17th February, we were thrilled to launch our brand new map of all the Fair Tax Mark accredited shops and offices across the UK.

With nearly 4,500 locations, covering everything from supermarkets to pharmacies, coffee companies to IT support, the map shows a Fair Tax movement is really building. Check it out by clicking here – who’s accredited where you live?

We heard that shoppers want Fair Tax options – and the media loved it!

We launched our new map alongside new polling from ICM which found that:

We appeared on BBC Manchester and BBC Scotland talking about the Mark, celebrating our businesses and encouraging more to join the fair tax movement.

The Mirror also did a big splash on our news which you can read here.

We were pleased to have the support of lots of other organisations for these exciting announcements who helped to share our new map across social media and with their supporters. Check out our guest blogs on The Equality Trust and Ethical Consumer.

We gave you more tools to take action.

We can’t build a fair tax business movement without the support of the public, and we know many want ways to take more concerted action to help us. With this in mind, we created new resources including our new Supporter Guide to the Fair Tax Mark, a model letter to send to companies you want to get the Mark, and a handy e-card to share on social media – which company with you @? Find it all here.

And last but extremely far from least, Richer Sounds joined the Mark!

We were thrilled to announce the accreditation of this highly respected British retailer. Richer Sounds has a network of 53 shops and a successful online arm, and its Fair Tax Mark joins an impressive array of awards including Which? Retailer of the Year and the Royal Warrant. Read more about this exciting news here.

We’ve got more exciting announcements to come – in the meantime, do you know a business which should get the Mark? Get in touch!