Lincoln, Edinburgh and Trafford are latest to champion fair tax conduct

Local councils across the UK have made it clear: these tough times are no obstacle to doing the right thing on tax. Three more – the City of Lincoln Council, the City of Edinburgh Council and Trafford Council – have made significant commitments in support of responsible tax conduct, joining the six already signed up.

Lincoln and Trafford have both approved our Councils for Fair Tax Declaration, committing them to lead by example on their own tax conduct, demand greater transparency from suppliers, and, call for more meaningful powers to tackle tax avoidance amongst suppliers. In Trafford, the motion passed with unanimous, cross-party support.

Separately, Edinburgh is championing fair tax by calling on businesses it works with to gain Fair Tax Mark accreditation. The Council has approved a target to promote the Mark to its suppliers through the Council’s Business Gateway. Edinburgh is the first council in Scotland to make such a commitment.

Elsewhere, significant support for the Fair Tax Mark as a local social value consideration is expected in coming weeks.

Cllr Tom Ross, Executive Member for Finance and Investment at Trafford Council said: “One of the many consequences of the past few months is the growing wish for a fairer society and to avoid going back to how things were before the pandemic changed our world forever. A key change would be to join other authorities – of different political colours, including Oxford, Oldham, Edinburgh, Peterborough and Lincoln – in signing this declaration that celebrates and supports companies that pay their taxes in full.”

Mary Patel, Networks Manager at the Fair Tax Mark, said: “With everything that local councils are dealing with, supporting fair tax practices remains a priority. We know that people want a fairer recovery: polling we conducted earlier this year showed a new ‘Lockdown mindset’ with more Brits calling for greater accountability for businesses on tax avoidance and social responsibility. Local areas can and are making a stand.”

Find out more about how your council can support responsible tax conduct by approving the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration here.