Lush meets the Mark

Mark Constantine of Lush talks fair tax from Fair Tax Mark on Vimeo.

Lush, the major high street cosmetics chain, today becomes the latest company (and the first multi-national high-street retailer) to be awarded a Fair Tax Mark.

The accreditation of Lush, which has over 900 stores in 49 countries around the world, has involved the business publishing a full country-by-country financial report. This represents a groundbreaking commitment by such a multinational company to open its books for all to see and is a win in the push for greater tax transparency.

We are delighted to welcome a business that proudly contributes to so many countries as our latest Fair Tax champion.

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder and Managing Director says

Today more than ever it’s reassuring to know that the Fair Tax Mark is setting a benchmark for responsible tax behaviour. We’re both flattered and proud to have made the mark.”

Watch him talking fair tax in the video above.

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Download Lush’s 2014 Director’s report which shows Country-by-Country reporting
Download Lush’s 2014 Profit and Loss showing tax paid
See Lush’s Tax policy on their website here.

The full annual accounts were submitted to Companies House on February 18th and should be available on their website soon.