Make Architects adds Fair Tax Mark to sustainability blueprint

Make has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, the global gold standard of responsible tax conduct. Their accreditation falls during Fair Tax Week (8th-18th June), a recognition of the businesses and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct, and a celebration of the positive contribution this makes to society.

Founded in 2004, Make has 150 staff across London, Hong Kong and Sydney, and is 100% employee-owned.

Eden building, Salford, Make Architects

The Eden building in Salford features Europe’s largest green wall

With a charter to “design the best places, spaces and buildings in the world,” the company is targeting net zero whole-life carbon design by 2030. Make’s commitment to sustainability is reflected through projects such as the Eden building in Salford, which will boast Europe’s largest green wall and feature 350,000 plants.

Fair Tax Mark accreditation is the global gold standard of responsible tax conduct. It recognises businesses that pay the right amount of corporation tax at the right time and in the right place. Accredited businesses include listed PLCs, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses.

Make has committed to follow both the letter and the spirit of the law, with a tax policy shunning artificial tax avoidance schemes or tax havens to reduce its liabilities. The business has also demonstrated its economic footprint across all jurisdictions through public Country-by-Country Reporting, and has provided additional narrative disclosures to enhance transparency.

Laura Gore, Head of Finance, Make, said:

“It’s always been fundamental to the practice to ‘do the right thing’, whether that’s in regard to our architecture, to our environmental policy or to our employees. Signing up to the Fair Tax Mark accreditation was a logical step to apply this approach to our finances. We think it is a superb initiative to help companies meet the highest standards.”

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications, Fair Tax Foundation, said:

“Make is known for its brave approach to architecture and doing things differently, like being a 100% employee-owned practice. It’s brilliant it’s now adding the Fair Tax Mark to the blueprint. An exemplar of financial transparency, Make is ahead of the curve by breaking down its economic data across all the jurisdictions it operates in. We’re delighted to welcome Make to the growing Fair Tax Mark business community, who between them contribute over £1bn corporation tax annually.”

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