Mother first global advertising agency to secure Fair Tax Mark

Mother has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark, becoming the first global advertising agency to secure accreditation to the gold standard of responsible tax conduct.

An independent creative company, Mother employs more than 500 people across offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Shanghai. Mother was founded in 1996, and has since created award-winning creative campaigns for global brands, organisations and charities.

The Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme is the global gold standard of responsible tax conduct. It seeks to encourage and recognise organisations that pay the right amount of corporation tax at the right time and in the right place. Tax contributions are a vital part of the broader social and economic contribution made by businesses, helping the communities in which they operate to deliver valuable public services and build infrastructure that paves the way for growth. Accredited businesses include listed PLCs, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses.

Mother logo on chequered background

As part of the accreditation process, Mother has publicly demonstrated its commitment to responsible tax conduct and against artificial tax planning. It has published a broad range of data on a country-by-country basis for each jurisdiction the group operates within and confirms the tax residencies of each subsidiary within the group. Mother has also incorporated additional voluntary disclosures within its audited accounts, highlighting the group’s commitment to transparency.

Rollo Price, Chief Financial Offier, Mother, said:

“Mother has always paid its fair share, and being a responsible citizen is very much at the heart of our overall mission to Make Our Children Proud. As an independent company with operations in the U.K., Europe, US and Asia, it’s important to us that we pay our way and contribute to where we do business.”

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications, Fair Tax Foundation, said:

“We’re very pleased to welcome Mother to the Fair Tax Mark family of businesses. Through its creative campaigns, it has often stood up for important issues, and Mother now joins the fight for a fairer economy. Tax contributions help fund the public services we rely on, and Mother rightly takes pride in giving back to society by paying the right amount, in the right place, at the right time.”

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