Fair Tax Mark celebrates new co-operatives partnership

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The Fair Tax Mark has entered into a partnership with Co-operatives UK, a network of thousands of co-operative businesses. Since it was created in February 2014, the Fair Tax Mark has received huge support from the co-operative sector with two-thirds of our ‘pioneer’ businesses being co-ops (Midcounties Co-operative and The Phone Co-op).

The co-operative economy is worth £37 billion to the British economy. Owned by more than 15 million people, co-operatives are the largest membership movement in the country. This partnership represents a real opportunity raise awareness of the Fair Tax Mark and will show to customers that this sector wants to lead the way in being open and transparent about the tax it pays.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said:

“Tax avoidance is the number one public issue today and what the Fair Tax Mark offers customers is a way to judge where they spend their money. With tax income tight and austerity the dominant response, it would be wonderful to make fair tax the norm for large businesses over the next ten years.

“Co-operatives have always been market leaders on issues of fairness, whether it’s working hours, Fairtrade or ethical investment practices. As home-grown businesses, not a single co-operative we know of has engaged in aggressive tax avoidance. That’s why we are seeing the sector coming together to lead the way on fair tax.”

The Fair Tax Mark will be marking the partnership by presenting at the National Retail Consumer Conference on Sunday 1st March.

The full press release is available here
FTM / Co-operatives UK Press Release