Our name has changed

We are excited to share some important news regarding the evolution of our organisation. We are delighted to announce that our organisational name has changed, as follows:

from “Fair Tax Mark”

to “Fair Tax Foundation”

One of the key reasons for this change is to allow a distinction between our organisation name and the Fair Tax Mark, the accreditation standard we provide to businesses.

Previously, we had the Fair Tax Mark awarding the Fair Tax Mark accreditation, which was inelegant and confusing to some third parties – in particular, the  press and media. Going forward, we are the Fair Tax Foundation and award the Fair Tax Mark accreditation. We believe this organisational name change better encompasses the broader suite of activities we undertake (such as Fair Tax Week and the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration) and also places us in a better position as we expand internationally in the second half of 2021.

We will continue to use ‘Fair Tax’ as our trademarked logo, as this represents the concept and values that drive the Fair Tax Foundation and the Fair Tax Mark. So there will be no change to the trademarked logos used by business, or references to ‘Fair Tax Mark’ certified companies.

Other than the organisational name-change, our Rules and Objects are essentially unchanged, as is our company number. We remain a not-for-profit social enterprise (established as a Community Benefit Society), with a set of updated Articles of Association available on our website.

Over the coming weeks and months we will need to revise and re-issue some of our documentation and corporate literature. This is in connection with the name-change, but also necessitated by our pending move to larger and better equipped offices in Manchester over this summer. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience, but hope you share our excitement as to the expanding reach and impact of the newly named Fair Tax Foundation.