Q&A with Lush Cosmetics

Mike Constantine OBE

Mark Constantine of Lush talks fair tax from Fair Tax Mark on Vimeo.

Why did you apply for the Fair Tax Mark?

Lush Ethics Director Hilary Jones says: “At Lush, we believe that we should pay a fair tax in each of the countries in which we operate. Lush wants our customers to have a safe living environment, to have access to good education and efficient healthcare services – and we know that taxes are needed for this. As a company, we feel we should contribute back into the societies from which we trade by being a good employer, by trading fairly with our suppliers and by paying our taxes into the collective purse.”

What are the the benefits of it to the business?

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, said: “What’s important is that you have honest feedback on your figures. If you have have tax schemes you have lost transparency. If everyone were to be more clear there would be a great improvement in standards of business.”

How did you find the accreditation process?

“Tax is a notoriously murky and controversial area of business. Today more than ever it’s reassuring to know that the Fair Tax Mark is setting a benchmark for responsible tax behaviour. We’re both flattered and proud to have made the mark.”

Download Lush’s 2014 Director’s report, which shows Country-by-Country reporting
Download Lush’s 2014 Profit and Loss showing tax paid
See Lush’s Tax policy on their website here.

The full annual accounts were submitted to Companies House on 18th February and should be available on their website soon.

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