Q&A with Marshalls

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Marshalls are a complete external landscaping, interior design, paving and flooring products business

Why did you apply for the Fair Tax Mark?

We viewed the Fair Tax Mark scheme as a natural step for Marshalls as the Group’s tax philosophy has long been closely aligned with the Fair Tax Mark’s objectives. We aim to achieve transparency and we hope the Group’s formalisation of a tax policy will reassure all our stakeholders that we are a responsible company.

What are the benefits of it for your business?

The Fair Tax Mark criteria are in line with the Group’s desire to maintain a low risk assessment from HMRC. The process has created a structure for our ongoing review of taxation disclosures and the Group’s Board approved taxation policy.

What are your views on tax and social responsibility?

As a socially responsible organisation we are pleased that Marshalls’ tax policy together with our tax disclosures have led to the Group being awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

See Marshalls’ tax policy here.

See Marshalls’ additional disclosure here.

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