Q&A with The 8th Day

The 8th Day is one of Manchester’s longest running worker co-operatives. Since the 1970s, it’s been providing quality food and goods. Its growing business now includes a well-loved cafe and events programme.

Why did you apply for the Fair Tax Mark?

We applied for the mark because as a business that makes an effort to trade in a more ethical way, we have a commitment to set a good example with our business practices and this includes being open and transparent about our tax affairs.

What benefits do you believe having the Fair Tax Mark will bring your business?

It’s very important to us that our customers know we have an honest and responsible approach to tax. We’re proud that in gaining the Fair Tax Mark, we’ll be joining a group of transparent and responsible businesses who are standing up for what we consider to be the right attitude to paying tax, hopefully, it will encourage more businesses to sign up the future.

Why do you think having the Mark matters?

Paying the right amount of tax, benefits public services and therefore everyone in our society and that can only be a good thing. Having the mark makes a statement about who we are as a business and we hope it will raise awareness amongst our consumers and the general public about tax practices.

How did you find the accreditation process?

It was fairly straightforward and there was plenty of advice and support available for any areas where we felt we needed a little guidance. Overall, the support available was great and it was a positive experience.

Find The 8th Day online at www.8thday.coop.

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