Q&A with Unicorn Grocery

Staff outside Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn Grocery is Manchester’s foremost co-operative grocery business, selling a wide range of affordable, fresh and wholesome food. They were named the Soil Association’s Best Independent Retailer of 2016 and are proud to have added the Fair Tax Mark to their awards.

On why they applied for the Fair Tax Mark

We applied for the Mark because we are committed to paying our fair share of tax. It feels quite strange applying to be accredited for something that’s so obviously the right and honest thing to do, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean it always happens. We hope that in the future it will be the companies without the mark that are viewed as unusual.

On the benefits of having the Fair Tax Mark

It’s only what our customers would expect from us. We hope that the more businesses have it, the more it will encourage others who are already paying fair taxes to sign up and get accredited. Hopefully that way it will become glaringly obvious when an organisation doesn’t have the mark!

Why Unicorn Grocery believes tax matters

As organisations and individuals we all depend on the services that taxes pay for. To paraphrase Owen Jones, trying to avoid paying those taxes is scrounging off the state, and comes at the expense of a fair society.

You can find Unicorn Grocery online here at www.unicorn-grocery.co.uk.

Are you a business looking to stand up for a fair economy and stand out from the crowd? Contact us to find out how you can get a Fair Tax Mark today.