Why Richer Sounds cares about fair tax

Richer Sounds, the award-winning high street retailer, is Fair Tax Mark accredited. Here, they explain why they care about fair tax.

Why did Richer Sounds apply for the Fair Tax Mark?

Unlike certain internet giants (and others), Richer Sounds is a British company, paying British taxes, proud to be supporting the British economy and high street (with a warehouse in Manchester, not in Jersey or Luxembourg).

At Richer Sounds, we believe that our company has several areas of responsibility. We are determined to provide our colleagues with secure, well-paid jobs in a stimulating equal opportunities environment, which includes banning zero hour contracts. We are an accredited Living Wage employer, which recognises Richer Sounds for paying our staff an independently judged wage that they can live on (as opposed to the lower ‘National Living Wage’).

We owe it to our customers, to make sure they get the best possible products at the best prices, with the best customer service. Obviously, we want to be profitable to ensure our long-term growth and survival. But we also feel we have another commitment – to the wider community as a whole. We believe in contributing to the wellbeing of all by paying UK tax. This ensures that everyone, customers and colleagues alike, has access to schools, health care, emergency services and much more.

This was brought home to us in 2016 when a devastating fire swept through our Exeter shop. This was attended by no less than 50 firefighters and a number of police and fire safety officers. Thanks to the efforts of those involved, the fire was put out and no one was injured.

Having the Fair Tax Mark will benefit Richer Sounds

Julian Richer, our Founder and MD, has always been happy to pay UK tax, rather than moving assets offshore because he believes that it is the right thing to do. The Fair Tax Mark will make sure that customers can identify us as a company that has made this pledge, and hopefully encourage other businesses to do the same.

Setting ourselves apart by having the Fair Tax Mark

Like many members of the public, we often read about companies that seek to avoid paying tax in this country.

Julie Abraham, Senior Director at Richer Sounds, commented: “With so many companies trying to dodge taxation, it makes perfect sense to point out businesses that are happily doing their bit. With the Fair Tax Mark, everyone can recognise those companies that choose to contribute – and consumers can make an informed choice about who they do business with.”

Find out more about Richer Sounds and shop with them at www.richersounds.com.

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