SqueakFix Ltd commit to responsible tax conduct with first Fair Tax Mark

SqueakFix Ltd have earned their inaugural Fair Tax Mark accreditation, aligning with other forward-thinking businesses dedicated to responsible tax conduct.

Based in Manchester, UK, and operating nationally, SqueakFix Ltd specialise in removing chronic floor noises, squeaks and creaks in houses through a highly-developed system.

SqueakFix Ltd specialise in removing chronic floor noises, squeaks and creaks

Using in-house installers, the small team also offer acoustic and thermal insulation to make houses quieter and warmer.

Committed to operating within both the spirit and the letter of tax law, SqueakFix Ltd have published a Fair Tax Mark Statement, which publicly declares they will shun artificial or aggressive tax avoidance.

The Fair Tax Mark is an independent accreditation, which recognises organisations that demonstrate they are paying the right amount of corporation tax in the right place, at the right time. Businesses carrying the Fair Tax Mark include UK national brands such as Timpson, Lush, and Richer Sounds, listed companies including SSE and Marshalls Plc., as well as co-operatives, family businesses and social enterprises.

With the Fair Tax Mark accreditation, SqueakFix Ltd have been verified as paying the right and fair amount of corporation tax, which helps fund public services, grow the economy and reduce inequality.

Polling commissioned by the Fair Tax Foundation from Walnut Social Research has recently found that the vast majority of the UK public would rather shop with (70%) or work for a business (72%) that can prove it is paying its fair share of tax. Over three quarters (76%) of the public believe that all companies, whatever their size, should have to publicly disclose the taxes they do or don’t pay in the UK.

Michael Wesley (Wes) Farrell, Director and Founder, SqueakFix Ltd, said:

“At SqueakFix we believe running a solid well managed company is critically important for our clients. It gives our clients reassurance that if a company is managed well from the foundations, and abides by all UK tax laws, then you can be highly confident we’ll manage ourselves to the highest degree when working in your property.”

Ocean Lam, Accreditation Officer, Fair Tax Foundation, said:

“SqueakFix Ltd understand the importance of paying their taxes and know the Fair Tax Mark is an excellent way to show they are giving back to society. The UK public wants to spend their money with businesses that can demonstrate they are transparent and honest with their tax affairs. which SqueakFix Ltd definitely can.”   


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