Sunderland and South Tyneside are latest councils to support fair tax

Image of Sunderland Councillor Niall Hodson and South Tyneside Councillor David Francis

Sunderland City Council and South Tyneside Council have become the first councils in the North East of England to take a stand for responsible tax conduct. A motion supporting the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration was unanimously approved by Sunderland councillors in January, with South Tyneside Council following swiftly after.

Sunderland Councillor Niall Hodson said: “It’s important that we lead by example. Everyone needs to pay their fair share, especially now when public spending is under such intense pressure, and the challenges this presents to the maintenance of crucial frontline services. ”

South Tyneside Councillor, David Francis, said: “I’m proud to pay my fair share of taxes because taxation pays for so many of the things that benefit our communities. The last 12 months have seen us living through a time of national and international crisis and it’s at times like this that you really see the value of our public services. But all of those things rely on taxation and adequate funding so that they’re there when people need them.”

11 local councils across the UK have now shown significant support for fair tax. The Councils for Fair Tax Declaration commits cities, towns and districts to exemplary tax conduct in their own affairs, require greater transparency from suppliers and join calls for more meaningful powers to tackle tax avoidance amongst supplier businesses.

Find out more about the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration and download a sample motion.

Pictured above: Sunderland Councillor Niall Hodson (l), South Tyneside Councillor David Francis (r).