Estimates vary but every year, billions are missing from our public purse because companies choose to avoid paying their corporation tax. Approximately £7 billion goes missing from the UK’s public revenues each year when companies move profits to tax havens and avoid paying corporation tax (around £535 billion a year of corporate profits are moved to tax havens worldwide).

This tax avoidance causes huge damage:

  • Small businesses can’t compete because it is not a level playing field
  • Money funnels upwards contributing to growing inequality
  • Our democracy is undermined as companies play by their own rules
  • Less money is available for the vital public services we all need

We exist to change this. We certify and celebrate businesses who are doing the right thing on tax, encouraging others to follow their lead. You can take action to help us build a Fair Tax future:

1. Use the Fair Tax Map

Find out which shops and other businesses near you have the Mark by using the Fair Tax Map. By supporting them, you’re helping to build a bigger, bolder Fair Tax movement.


And if you know a company that’s not on there, why not send them an email asking them to get the Mark?

2. Use the power of social media for good

Download our shareable e-card below by right-clicking and selecting Save As. Tweet it to a company you’d like to see win the Mark.


For example:

@Company I’d like to know you’re proud to pay your fair share of tax. Will you get the Fair Tax Mark?

3. Understand the Fair Tax Mark

Find out everything you need to know about the Fair Tax Mark and why tax matters in our handy short guide for supporters, downloadable here.

4. Send a letter or email to a company

Use this model letter to send your own to a company you’d like to see get the Mark. Let us know if you get a response by emailing with the subject line Warm Company.

5. Councils for Fair Tax

We are calling on local councils across the UK to commit to our Councils for Fair Tax Declaration and make a stand for responsible tax conduct. Find out more about how you can support this initiative here.

6. And make sure you’re following us!

Keep up-to-date with all things fair tax by following us on Twitter and Facebook and signing up to our supporter mailing list below.