Talking to the Phone Co-op

Vivian Woodell, CEO

The Phone Co-op is an independent consumer co-operative based in Manchester, Chipping Norton and London. It is the only telecoms provider in the UK that is owned and run by its customers.

The Phone Co-op operates nationwide, providing fixed and mobile telecommunications services to over 23,000 residential and business customers, including other co-operatives, charities and third sector organisations.Since 2012, when it adopted the nationally recognised co-operative brand, The Phone Co-op trades as The Co-operative Phone and Broadband, The Co-operative Business Telecoms, and The Co-operative Mobile to reflect the range of services it provides.The Phone Co-op operates a policy of fair and transparent pricing with no hidden charges. We are committed to giving our customers the best possible service, while still promoting the wellbeing of people and communities and minimising our impact on the environment.

Vivian Woodell, CEOVivian Woodell, the CEO, said: “The Phone Co-op believes that every business should pay its fair share of tax. We support The Fair Tax Campaign because they are working to achieve that. Too many businesses in our industry use aggressive tax schemes to reduce what they pay. Some cases of this have been well-publicised.

“As well as being unfair competition for businesses like The Phone Co-op which want to pay our fair share, this behaviour results in underfunded public services, on which we all depend. The fact that The Phone Co-op is owned by its customers rather than by investors brings this issue into sharp focus, and is a key reason why we are supporting the Campaign.”

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