Talking to the Unity Trust Bank

Richard WIlcox, MD

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Unity Trust Bank is a specialist bank for organisations in the social economy providing day-to-day banking and much needed affordable finance to civil society organisations, including charities, social enterprises, community and voluntary organisations, CDFIs, councils and trade unions across the UK. Founded thirty years ago on strong principles of social responsibility, it continues its commitment to growing a fairer society today.

Unity Trust Bank promotes a socially responsible and sustainable approach to banking and lending, and aim to create positive social change through their business activity. Because of this, they take a ‘double bottom line’ approach to business, which sees socially focused values and social impact form a key part of their offering, alongside financial returns.

Richard WIlcox, MDThey achieve this social return by investing in organisations that in turn help their communities prosper and grow through creating jobs, services and spaces. As well as this, they operate their business in a socially responsible way and take leadership in a number of important areas. They are a Living Wage accredited employer, ensuring they pay all of our staff a fair wage for their work – the first British bank to achieve that recognition.

Richard Wilcox, Unity Trust Bank’s Managing Director, says: “We are delighted to be the first bank in the UK to receive the Fair Tax Mark accreditation. As a socially responsible bank, Unity seeks to be transparent in all that we do and matters of taxation are no different. Established as a bank to promote the common good, we believe a fair tax system is vital for society to thrive. Businesses have a duty to pay a fair share and to invest in the UK economy and society as a whole.”

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