We’re boosting fair tax in Greater London

By Mary Patel
Networks Manager
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At the Fair Tax Foundation we’re proud to work with businesses and local councils across the UK (and soon internationally) to help them commit to responsible tax practice and demonstrate this to others. Our localities work is generously funded by The Barrow Cadbury Trust and now, thanks to funding from Trust for London, we’re pleased to announce that over the next two years we will also be working closely with businesses and public institutions in Greater London as part of an exciting new opportunity to raise standards of tax conduct.

Of course, our Fair Tax Mark accreditation is already proudly held by a number of London-based organisations, such as Clean for Good, Co-Accounting, Epworth Investment Management and the TUC (and the Royal Borough of Greenwich is a supporter council) – but wouldn’t it be brilliant to see even more doing the right thing on tax and shouting out about it?

Tim Thorlby, Managing Director of Clean for Good, thinks so: “We were the first cleaning company in the UK to adopt the Fair Tax Mark. This public commitment is a clear signal to our customers and employees that we believe in the fair and transparent payment of taxes. As an ethical office cleaning company operating across London, fairness is a central principle for us. We would encourage our fellow businesses in London to consider accrediting with the Fair Tax Foundation as a sign of their own support for ‘fair play’ in the marketplace.”

It’s not just organisations that are affected by tax though – as individuals it has an impact on our lives as well. According to Trust for London, which produces the London ‘Poverty Profile’, poverty is higher in London than in any other region or county in the UK. One of the ways tax can alleviate poverty and inequality is by supporting vital public services and infrastructure, so as part of this work we’ll also build awareness of the positive role that tax plays in our economy and society.

Finally, to help the project reach different audiences, our friends at ECCR’s Church Action for Tax Justice programme will be building on their great relationships with churches across Greater London by running engagement activities. Showing how faith and fair tax are connected, they’ll be encouraging both individuals and churches to support good tax conduct. Sarah Edwards, Executive Director of ECCR, said, “Christians and churches have a long history of speaking out against unfairness. Our Church Action for Tax Justice campaign has been able to highlight the moral case for fair taxes and we look forward to engaging with churches in London to play their part in seeking fairer and more ethical tax conduct across the capital.”

We’re thrilled to be working on this, and we’re looking forward to letting you know how it’s all going. We’ll soon be posting updates on our work in Greater London, and in the meantime you can sign up for our newsletter.