We’re hiring!

By January 9, 2017News

Do you want to help build the fair tax business community?

Are you an accountant with experience of large and multinational businesses’ accounts?

Then we want to hear from you!


We celebrate businesses which pay their fair share of corporation tax and report transparently. In doing so, we’re hoping to build a powerful fair tax business community.

By awarding businesses which meet our Fair Tax Criteria with the Fair Tax Mark, we help them stand out from competitors and win over consumers. It’s a positive, business-savvy reason to do the right thing on tax.


We are seeking to engage an accountant on a part-time contract basis. We are happy to consider candidates currently running their own accountancy practice.


As our workflow varies week to week, dependent on client numbers and timelines, the hours per week for this role will also vary.  The ideal candidate will have 1 day available per week minimum for Fair Tax Mark work but will be able to upweight some weeks to do 1.5-2 days work.


Day rate of £250, with no more than 82 days worked per annum.


Other projects or areas of work may occur, but the role’s main responsibilities would be:

  • To undertake, or check, assessments of client companies, scoring their annual accounts against the Fair Tax Criteria which are viewable at fairtaxmark.net/criteria
  • To assist with sales-related research, for example assessing the accounts of companies to determine which are closest to achieving the Mark
  • To support the Fair Tax Mark’s own financial management
  • To work with other members of the Fair Tax Mark team



  • Qualified accountant
  • Experience of dealing with large and multinational company accounts
  • Familiarity with tax reporting and the issues arising from it in large corporate accounts
  • Experience of managing client relationships


  • Some working knowledge of different business structures, e.g. social enterprise models, community interest companies
  • Sympathy with the Fair Tax Mark’s mission to promote fair tax practices

If this is you, please drop us a line at info@fairtaxmark.net with the subject line Accountant 2017. And feel free to ask any queries too – all enquiries will remain confidential.