Fair Tax Mark – the gold standard of responsible tax conduct

Tax contributions are a key part of the positive social and economic impact made by your business. They help the communities in which you operate to deliver valuable public services like education, healthcare, roads, policing and more.

The growth of tax havens and unethical corporate tax conduct have become prominent concerns across the world. Across the globe, 35% of multinational profits (US$1tn) are artificially shifted to tax havens each year, leading to a 10% worldwide reduction in corporate income tax revenue (which equates to a US$170bn annual deficit).

You believe your business is doing the right thing when it comes to tax. Fair Tax Mark accreditation can help you demonstrate this and stand out from the crowd.

A robust, independent accreditation, the Fair Tax Mark is available to businesses of all sizes and multinationals based anywhere in the world.

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The benefits of securing the Fair Tax Mark

Businesses seek accreditation for many reasons, from enhanced CSR and ESG credentials to boosting customer confidence.

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Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses

Accredited organisations include listed PLCs, global multinationals, co-operatives, social enterprises and large private businesses.

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What is tax cloaking?

Like tax washing, where communication on certain issues is selected in a way that is misleading, tax cloaking is where some information is not presented at all.   For example, it may seem obvious that a business choosing to publish their financial statements would publish them in full, but many do not. Sometimes only a consolidated or abbreviated version is available …

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Fair Tax Mark businesses top Danish tax governance ratings

Enhanced metrics inspired by the Fair Tax Foundation have helped Fair Tax Mark accredited businesses flourish in this year’s Økonomisk Ugebrev Tax Governance Rating. The Danish publication recently released their 2024 rankings, which score companies on their responsible tax conduct. Fair Tax Mark business Ørsted took the top spot for Danish large caps, along with Vestas, with 12 points out …

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Tax Responsibility and Transparency Index launches to benchmark companies

After 12 months of consultation and development, stakeholders from civil society, business and investment came together on 19 April at the European Parliament in Brussels for the launch of the Tax Responsibility and Transparency Index. The Index has been co-developed by the Fair Tax Foundation and leading European corporate responsibility business network CSR Europe and acts as a high-bar benchmark …

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Twitter Feed @FairTaxMark

We Stand United for a Strong #UNTaxConvention 🇺🇳🤝

🏤Last week, GATJ’s Executive Coordinator @DerejeAlemay attended Tax Justice Europe's (TJ-E) regional meeting.
As a member of GATJ, TJ-E works to ensure that our global & European tax rules are rooted in #taxjustice

Great to see @NATS at No1 in ranking of Europe's Climate Leaders 2024

With @JupiterAM_UK @MarshallsGroup & @Fortum also all in the Top Ten in various areas

We love seeing the strong correlation between pursuit of net zero and #FairTaxMark accreditation

Friendly Soap are proud owners of a @FairTaxMark
June 9-16 is Fair Tax Week. A recognition of the businesses and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct, and a celebration of the positive contribution this makes to society. #fairtaxweek #ethicalbusiness

Great to see Penny Hogan promoted to CFO at @unitytrustbank, the first UK bank to gain a Fair Tax Mark back in 2014

Penny champions responsible tax practices and led Unity's support for our 2023 Fair Tax Nation report too 👏

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