5 reasons to support the Fair Tax Mark

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1) Cutting the tax gap

Around £12 billion is being lost in tax revenue every year. At a time of severe cuts in public services we need this money. If this revenue were collected it would fund the training of almost half a million midwives and pay the salaries of half a million teachers for a year.

2) A positive approach

There are many negative campaigns that attack companies over their tax avoidance and these certainly have their place in the mix of actions. However the Fair Tax Mark is unique in that it offers consumers a positive way to promote tax justice.

3) Trusted and reliable

The Fair Tax Mark is a trusted and reliable accreditation scheme that has backing across the business world and political spectrum. Our rigorous criteria were drawn up with the help of numerous tax experts and the consensus is that it’s a huge step forward in tax reporting and transparency.

4) Consumer choice to help drive change

The Fair Tax mark puts consumers in the driving seat. Buying from companies that carry the logo helps them to make positive choices that will have a lasting impact, empowering the individual.

5) It helps to raise awareness of wider tax justice issues

There are lots of fantastic organisations campaigning on tax justice both in the UK and globally. The Fair Tax Mark can help keep the important issue of tax justice on the agenda and create a lasting tool for consumers that recognises the importance of the issue and helps drive real change.

To find out how you can support Fair Tax companies, visit our Support the Mark page.

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