Fair Tax Foundation to partner CSR Sweden and Lund University on “The World’s First Online Course in Corporate Taxation and Sustainability”

The Fair Tax Foundation is developing a Fair Tax Mark learning module for “The World’s First Online Course in Corporate Taxation and Sustainability”.

Launching in May, and aimed at international enterprises and professionals, the new course is a partnership between Lund University School of Economics and Management and CSR Sweden. It aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of corporate taxation as an integral part of the global sustainability conversation.

The Fair Tax Mark module will feature video interviews and content from accredited businesses, including global multinationals LUSH and Ørsted. The course will also benefit from the international perspective of Christian Hallum, Tax Justice Lead at Oxfam IBIS and board member of the Fair Tax Foundation.

The Corporate Taxation and Sustainability course launches at a timely point, with Sweden holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2023, and as the Fair Tax Mark continues to expand across Europe. Multinationals headquartered in Sweden, Italy, Germany and Denmark are now accredited to the gold standard of responsible tax conduct.

photo of CSR Sweden's Marianne Bogle

Marianne Bogle

Marianne Bogle, Executive Director, CSR Sweden, said:

“CSR Sweden is a business network of companies that want to drive sustainability and create positive change to reach Agenda 2030. For a number of years we have had a Knowledge Hub for the area of Responsible Taxation, and collaborating now with the Fair Tax Foundation feels like a natural step in the continued work on this important topic. Part of this is because we get the customer perspective, but also the experience, knowledge and network the Fair Tax Foundation brings.”

Graham Drummond, Head of Communications, Fair Tax Foundation, said:

“Tax is a key driver when it comes to sustainability initiatives. An increasingly important component of ESG and CSR strategies, demonstrating responsible tax conduct goes far beyond brand reputation. It can deliver real impact when it comes to the overall sustainable performance of a business. We’re really excited to be working with CSR Sweden and Lund University on this course, and for participants to take their learnings and shape positive tax platforms that move us all closer to a fairer global economy.”

Find out more about the Fair Tax Mark and how your business can join the global movement for responsible tax conduct

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