Fair Tax Week (13-21 June) is a UK-wide celebration of the companies and organisations that are proud to pay their fair share of corporation tax, and an exploration of the positive contribution this makes to society.

Fair Tax Week embraces Tax Justice Sunday on 14 June, which is co-ordinated by Church Action for Tax Justice.

Why do we need a Fair Tax Week?

Tax matters. It helps to fund vital public goods and services, and it ensures a level playing field for businesses large and small. Sadly it is estimated that £400bn of global corporate profits are shifted annually to tax havens, with corporate tax revenue losses in the UK of approximately £7bn per annum.

We want a future where all businesses are proud to pay their fair share of tax. There is no better way to start, than by celebrating those who are already doing the right thing.

Fair Tax Week is a UK-wide celebration of the companies and organisations that are proud to pay their fair share of corporation tax; those who commit to following both the spirit and the letter of the law, creating a level playing field for business and making a positive contribution to society.

Fair Tax Week 2020 is sponsored by Pennon Group Plc, Leeds Building Society and Richer Sounds.

Susan Davy, CFO, Pennon Group Plc. said: “Fair Tax Week is a great opportunity to reinforce the message that paying the right amount of tax in an open and transparent way is not only the right thing to do, but also what customers want. Pennon is delighted to be a sponsor for Fair Tax Week 2020 as we believe that being a responsible business is about sharing success and playing a positive role in the communities you serve, and that paying tax fairly is one of the biggest contributions a business can make.”

Richard Fearon, Chief Executive Officer of Leeds Building Society, said: “Our members have told us a fair and transparent approach to tax is as important to them as it is to us, so we were delighted to become the first national high street financial services provider to secure the Fair Tax Mark. This gives independent validation of our commitment to do what’s right for our members, colleagues and communities – paying our fair share of tax is one of the principal ways we contribute to society, helping to fund the public services we all rely on. We’re proud to be supporting Fair Tax Week and sharing our approach to tax with other responsible businesses.”

Julian Richer, Founder and Managing Director, Richer Sounds said: “Richer Sounds is proud to pay the tax it owes. It’s only fair that businesses contribute to the infrastructure that enables us to operate, from the roads, which transport our goods, to the NHS for keeping our team healthy, the police that protect our property and the schools that educate our people.

As a Fair Tax Mark certified business I know that we’re benchmarking our tax conduct against a robust, independent standard. It’s about fairness. Businesses should pay their way and compete on a level-playing field.”

Get involved

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Fair Tax Week launch conference

11 June – Human Rights Action Centre, London

Fair Tax Week will open with a marquee Fair Tax Conference. This will feature leaders from business, academia and campaigning – who will explore key topics such as how to tackle tax avoidance and the case for Corporation Tax.

Tax Justice Sunday

14 June

Church Action for Tax Justice is encouraging churches nationwide to get involved in Tax Justice Sunday. Worship materials such a hymns, prayers, bible studies and a creed will soon be available on the CATJ website.

Want to get involved?

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